These are a sampling of our Colored, Patterned and South African White Angora Does that are in or contributed to the genetics in our herd. We anticipate Rev Badgers, Blacks, Dark Silvers, Reds, Browns, Blacks, white color carrying 50% South African Angoras, Pintos, Spotted, any variety you could imagine, check out the For Sale pages to see what we might have for sale.

Scroll down to see the variety that can be had in the Angora! Pictures are worth 1000 words, well let them speak!  You can scroll through the pictures and see the variety we have to utilized for our angora breeding program; they are taken in various stages of fleece, from only a month past shearing, to ready to shear. There are pictures of mothers, babies and teenagers; from reds to blacks to browns, "frosties" to patterned and pinto angora goats. There is more than the eye can behold, but I tried to give a sample selection to represent the beautiful colored angora! 

We breed our angora goats selectively for their luxurious mohair, concentrating on the fineness that lasts as they age; so even when mature; they have hair you love to work! These are some pictures of some when they were babies and now, and some babies! 

Click on any to see them larger. 

If any of our goats catch your eye, please with any questions to or just type it into your email or fill in the

We welcome your inquiries about our Colorful Angora Herd!!

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