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I first bought a pair of Great Pyrenees sisters over two decades ago as Guardians for my Himalayan Cats.  One was a Home Body who bonded to the Cats and did not like to leave home or even be outside for extended periods of time.  The other was Our Guardian and would maintain watch over our yard and was more than willingly, even eager to go in the car, hiking, swimming and just playing.  She was ever on the guard against Mountain Lions when we were in the woods.  Both took their job of Guardian very seriously and were Great at it.

So we are experienced in how a Great Pyrenees is qualified to Bond to a household and house animals and to the People within equally as well as to Sheep or Goats in any type of setting.  Why?  Because Great Pyrenees BOND to their “Family” whether it is Human, inside, outside or whatever that “family” composite may prove to be.  

The beginning of the dream was with a pair of pups from a line which had been actively working for over 20 years: Justice and Joy.  We neutered Justice.  We had breeding experience with dogs just not the Great Pyrenees.  We decided, though it has proven to be hard work; to breed the pyr, and have continued to do so improving our lines as we go. It is intense but rewarding work. Our original male, Vinnie, was purchased from a long line of working Great Pyrenees and actively working parents with the same criteria we had for Justice and Joy. Vinnie passed in 2009, however to keep his line alive we retained his grandson Denalie and this past year we retained his son Hercules; Denalie passed spring 2013. In addition after 5 years of searching we found a beautiful Black and white Great Pyrenees male, Thor. We have also since brought in some beautiful hard working females from around the country.  This past summer another stunning black and white male came to our farm. 

Our current Great Pyrenees are not AKC by our choice and intent as our first pair was.  Our first pair came from an International Show Kennel who also had Working Dogs in actual fields.  The Mom of our pups was a working sheep dog and the Dad an International Champion.  No dog Can be expected to perform Both Careers regardless of what People may insist.  It was the wonderful woman who bred our girls and who Showed her dogs And Worked her dogs around the world that we learned our basics of Great Pyrenees and their original breed temperament and type.  It is also from her that we learned why we would later choose to Not purchase AKC dogs for Our Endeavor.  Our first two represented the Original Ideal of both American and French Great Pyrenees. They were both “show quality” And with a Strong Working Drive and Natural Bonding genetics that had not been “bred out of them”.   So we learned how to select pups that did represent the true original Great Pyrenees Type and Temperament. 

The Great Pyrenees was not always a “white dog”; although it’s base color has always been white; as opposed to other breeds of Guardian dogs which seem to be more ‘humanly aggressive’ such as the Mastiff type breeds.  The color is not by accident.  The Dark dogs were used against nighttime Human predators; usually to guard the home and family; while the Light Dogs would bed down with the sheep as we routinely see our lighter dogs do.  They blend in with the sheep and predators cannot detect where they are; but We can distinguish them from most of the darker colors of predators who prey on livestock. 

Since Our Sheep and Goats will not be primarily white you will find that we are not as prejudiced against the original natural colorings found in the breed as AKC sanctioned breeders may be.  Yet while we have had herdsmen claim that the colored dogs are better guardians than the white; we have found the black and whites to have awesome instincts and have since incorporated the black into our lines.  We brought in females, in additional to the black and white male Thor. 

There are many reasons to own a Great Pyrenees.

As a LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) it is very cost effective as a protection for a rancher’s livestock.  Just E-mail us for details.  As a Family Guardian in an increasingly dangerous world for our children, they are superb.  Their ability to BOND to human or animal and their Intelligence and Ability to Reason and only use the Force each situation requires makes them cost effective without the liability that accompanies other more ‘humanly aggressive’ dog protectors.

Our pups are raised with livestock and human attention.  Their nutritional needs are priority from Before Conception and we are constantly redesigning our methods of feeding accordingly.  Learning is an ongoing process.  We provide our support and direction as needed to everyone whether or not they have purchased our pups.  What we may not have the personal knowledge or experience for we are committed to finding a resource which does.   We will do whatever is humanly possible to help the owners of our pups with whatever problem may arise and in the relocation of any of our pups whose owner can no longer keep them.

BREEDING the Great Pyrenees is a demanding commitment. 

We encourage all to have their pups spayed or neutered, unless they are truly informed and positively committed to invest in the challenging requirements that responsible breeding represents.  A spayed/neutered dog is a Happy, Focused dog and that makes for a happy and less restricted life for dog, family and owner alike.

We welcome your inquiries  about our Livestock Guardian Dogs. Please send any questions to  info@bar6diamondranch.com or info@bar6diamondranch.com just type it into your email or fill in the CONTACT FORM..