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We have dreamed of creating a Ranch where we share our lives with beautiful animals that live and cooperate together in peace and harmony - as of this update we are just getting settled at our new ranch in South East Kansas, The four States area! So if you've tried to get hold of us, we are updating now with current contact information! Due to this move, we are in an area  without the best internet - only satellite, so usage can change from moment to moment.... So if you don't hear from us right away - don't fret! We are trying! 

Our desire still here at Bar 6,
 was the creation of a working farm, we looked for animals that would work together and had the temperament to complete this goal. We decided that here at our ranch, our main focus would be the fleece animals; though we do still maintain a small quality flock of milk goats for personal use.  

With the livestock, in our sheep for fiber and wool we have selected Shetland Wensleydale cross for we loved each breed. To increase the milk and meat production in our sheep we brought in some that we bred back to the Shetland Wensleydale. This has produced more body capacity and milk Production in our sheep. We have currently fiber from the entire cross bred and pure bred registered Finnsheep herd available.  

In our Goats we selected for fiber, milk and meat production. For fiber production the beautiful South African White or Colored Angoras for the mohair then the Purebred Nubians for milk and finally we utilize a high % Spanish Cross for meat. Each breed was selected for what they could bring to our farm . Our livestock is sweet tempered, smart and easy to handle.

Visit the goat or sheep page and click on the ones you wish to see!

With living in an environment with predators; it was necessary to find something to  protect our herd. In our research, we found that the Gentle Giant of the LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) world, the Great Pyrenees would give us the protective instincts and the loving nature we desired.  Though some stock is altered as guards, we do have select females we breed, so we do have puppies available occasionally. 

Also, as with any ranch, excellent stock dogs are key to easy herd management. We selected the versatile and personable Border Collie; we only have working registered border collies. We only have border collies in associations that support the true nature of the working Border Collie.   

To round out our ranch, we had need of a personal guard, one that is protective yet can be trusted in a farm environment, for that, we have the Dalmatian, the dog that I have grown up with and had my whole life. This breed fit perfectly into our farm life. My special girl; Connie passed away, and I did a special page to honor her. I miss her terribly, but I can not imagine my life ever with out one of these special companions. So, my dear husband has purchased these beautiful dogs to fulfill the need while he is not home. Meet, the awesome Dalmatian. We do have puppies as each lady is ready to care and guard your family or farm. 

Our site consists of a lot of pictures, but we truly believe pictures are worth their weight in gold, they show the animals in their natural surroundings. This causes some pages to load slow, depending on your computer speed, but it gives you a good feel of the care of the animals you are looking at, and what the different animals look like.

We hope you enjoy visiting our Ranch; please click any link below or above and E-Mail any questions to info@bar6diamondranch.com or info@bar6diamondranch.com just type it into your email or fill in the CONTACT FORM!!!! . Enjoy and Thank You.




Proud to say we are one (not the only one) of the homes of the Black and White Great Pyrenees. We refuse to hide them nor are ashamed of these magnificent creatures! 

We have Do Have Critters occasionally available, just visit the pages to see if we currently do or to get put on the waiting list, click on the picture or the links to view them!! 

Working Potential Border Collie Puppies

Guardian Potential Great Pyrenees LGDs

AKC Dalmatian True to Nature

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