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Updated 02/12/2024




When we were starting out with our Border Collies we selected them for their intelligence and abilities, in addition to their beauty. We have chosen to only have  Working Border Collies. We have not been disappointed! 

We currently have some wonderful working registered border collies. We have candid pics, along with the pictures of them working; but no longer place these pictures of our individual adults working or playing around on the site, this is due to safety concerns. We will no longer be sharing  our border collie's photos or pedigrees online; but we did decide to post a few to allow you to see that our current and past border collie's have been working dogs. As we have puppies we will share a few pictures of the adults that are the parents. If you are interested, we will happily share more pictures and pedigrees of the parents, in our correspondence about a litter.

Our Border Collies, over the last few years, have made our lives allot easier. They are smart, quick, agile and willing. They desire immensely to please you. We use them for cattle herding ~ working hard hitting cow dogs or for working ~ herding sheep or goats to the very gentle kid or lamb herding. They can hit as hard as we need and be as easy as called for. The breeding stock we chose comes from proven hard working, high drive lines; but with an "out" or chill. This means that after working, or an easy day, they do relax and just "watch TV" or veg.  

All our Foundation Working Border Collies were tested Normal from. So any working Border Collie pup or adult you adopt from us will be  cleared by parentage and/or will never be affected with Collie Eye Anomaly; any new ones we bring in we will test as needed if not cleared through heritage. We guarantee all our pups and dogs against genetic defects; including hip dysplasia genetically caused.

We appreciate you visiting our Registered Border  Collies and if you would like more information on the working cow or sheep herding border collies we raise here on our ranch in Kansas please send an email to info@bar6diamondranch.com or info@bar6diamondranch.com, call 620-779-9066 or fill in the CONTACT FORM...

Thank you!! 

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