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"Willing Heart, Sharp Eye Keen Mind; For Work or for Play"

Working Border Collie Information


Updated 02/07/2022

When we started out with our  Border Collies. We selected them for their intelligence and abilities, in addition to their beauty. We have chosen to only have working Border Collie lines.  When looking for the lines we would use, we found that we wanted to strive for the true working dog with the ability to be a family dog also. It is with this mind set, we have worked towards a dog that will work or trail when we ask, but who will also quit and chill when we stop that will go out and bring in the stock, then come in and be a couch potato for the evening
When looking for a breed to work with us with the goats, we came back time and again to the Border Collie. The name of the Border Collie comes from the time when the breed was developed along the Scottish/English "border"; adding the word "collie" means herder in Gaelic.; hence, border herder or "border collie". The border collie is well known for their natural herding abilities, biddable nature and outstanding intelligence. These 3 key points in the border collie makes it a truly wonderful dog to work with.  
During the time that these dogs were used along the border lands, they were bred for "Function, not form" And " Brains not beauty". Though they are a truly beautiful dog, this breeding for intelligence and ability makes the appearance of the border collie wide ranging. From slick and short to rough and long coats, to colors of every range. From the standard black and whites, to blues, reds, lilacs,  to merels of the blue or red. Contrary to what people have seen, they also come with blue eyes or flecks of blue in their beautiful eyes; or odd eyed. You will see some of our Border Collies is odd eyed.

As different as they are in appearance, so to, they all have different personalities, and different "drives". There are low, medium and high drive dogs. The high drive dogs would be considered your serious herding dogs. These dogs are ones that require allot more attention than your low to medium dogs. Though the low to medium drive dogs are still great dogs and can still herd sheep, ducks or geese and play ball; they tend to not be as intense as high drive dogs. 

Our dogs we have seen are starting to show the ability to go out and catch a Frisbee, to agility, to bringing in the stock, then come in and enjoy their family. We have found as long as you incorporate them into your life and spend time with them, they make excellent family companions We are pleased to see the development of the abilities to work and chill in our dogs. Let us know your situation, so we can try to help you pick the puppy that is right for your needs.

We currently have registered working males and females in our program and have pups available.  We appreciate you visiting our  Registered Working  Border  Collies and if you would like more information on the border collies we are raising here on our ranch in Kansas or further information on our philosophy in caring for them please send an email to info@bar6diamondranch.com or info@bar6diamondranch.com or fill in the CONTACT FORM...

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