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Updated 06.24.21




We fell in love with personality of the versatile Hereford hog so had to get some for our ranch here in the heart of Kansas. The Hereford hog is a is a remarkably beautiful hog of medium size hog with a color of red with white trim who name is derived from it's  marked resemblance to the Hereford cattle. The breed was  developed in the US in Iowa and Nebraska during the 1920s from Duroc, Chester White, and Poland China bloodlines. The breed description calls for hogs to be primarily red, with a white face and two or more white feet. The shade of red can vary, though deep red is preferred. 

Herefords are adaptable and thrive both in outdoor operations and under confinement systems. They also do well in a wide variety of climates. The hogs are known for their quiet and docile dispositions, making them an excellent choice for young people. The breed is appropriate for 4-H projects because it combines market conformation with a strikingly attractive appearance. Hereford hogs weigh 200 250 pounds by five to six months of age. Herefords are easy to pasture but can also be raised effectively on grain in a confinement setting, reaching market weight on less feed than many other breeds. Mature boars weigh about 800 pounds and mature sows about 600 pounds. The sows produce and wean large litters and make excellent attentive  mothers to their litters.

These characteristics of the Hereford, however, make it a natural choice for a variety of small scale production systems. If the breed is given opportunity under such systems, it will be able to earn its place in the future. 

We also brought in some nice select crossbred hogs to create a nice crossbred hog for the 4H project or freezer - it has proven to have the tender meat with a nice layer of fat that the Hereford is famous for. 

 Check out the pictures below to show a sampling of the hogs we are raising here on our ranch. The pictures  are very natural, hog being hogs, so they do have some mud on them! After you look around,  email with what you are looking for in the Purebred Hereford or Crossbred Market hog and we will get back to you, we have select Hereford Hogs and Crossbred hogs available for sale! 
We hope you enjoy visiting our Ranch Please us at info@bar6diamondranch.com or  info@bar6diamondranch.com just type it into your email or fill in the CONTACT FORM and please ~SIGN our Guestbook!!!!


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