"Guardian Angels of The Ranch"

Great Pyrenees LGDs - Livestock Guardian Dogs


These are some pics of pups and adults that have moved to another homes and that we have still here. - doing what they do best. They are working, caring for young, even nursing a baby goat, or just in with their charges, be it human kid or goat kid. Some are funny, some are day to day.  Thank you to all the wonderful homes our LGD's are in.  Please enjoy as we believe pictures show it all. Click on any picture to make it larger.

If you would like more information on the Pyr as an LGD, about upcoming litters, or about anything about our Pyrs - please e-mail  us at info@bar6diamondranch.com, call us at (620) 779-9066 or click on the link to the left to see the LGDs available..  

Working, Caring for their charges, be it sheep, goat or Alpaca and Delivering babies...

As you can see - some kept their masking and color. 

Click on any picture to see it larger; I have them small for faster load, but you can enlarge them with just a click. You can click to see them: 

Trying to help an orphaned baby...just babysitting and trying to help when the kids stick their noses places they shouldn't....Some even nurse their charges when they are hungry. They allow them to jump and play. Or napping with their charges..


Pups from 2 months to 6 months, working along side the adults, over the years, in the fields, in the pens, the young in school


Working with their stock in pastures and pens.


With other charges, Horses, Alpacas or Kids - the two legged kind!
Enjoying the snow. Walking a young charge through the wheat field. Helping the new mom.
Taking the baby on a first outing. Maybe we can go for a swim! Taking care of a rejected cria until mom claims it.
Napping with an alpaca. You can have lunch, I'm going to nap. Sharing some dinner.

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