After doing extensive research we selected this breed of goats as the first breed we obtained for our ranch. We chose this breed for their high quality milk production and their reputation of being one of the most outgoing of the dairy goat breeds.

The Purebred Nubian is known in dairy Goat circles as the Jersey cow of the goat world. Although the Nubian may not produce the volume of milk of some of the other breeds, it has the highest % of butterfat of Dairy goat breeds, usually between 4-6 %.

The Purebred Nubian has a proud large graceful form. The Nubian is very aristocratic in appearance, with their distinctly Roman (convex) nose, long pendulous (at least an inch below muzzle) bell shaped ears and short sleek hair. They come in any color, parti-color or pattern. The most common patterns include frosted ears and a cap, facial or leg stripes and the muzzle or underbelly trimmed in a lighter color. The bucks reach at least 35 inches at the withers and 170 pounds; the does at least 30 inches and 135 pounds.

Due to their larger size, they are a dual purpose goat, they can be used for both milk and meat production. During kidding season, singles occur, although twins, triplets and even quads are not uncommon.  Purebred Nubians can be bred in any season, so they are capable of year round milk production.

They are the most talkative of the dairy goat breed, they long for human as companions. They will often just ‘talk” to their care-taker.  They will talk to you as you come to the barn, as you feed and as you leave the barn.

The Nubian is the more heat-tolerant than most breeds and has been used to improve grading up programs in tropical countries.  The de-horned Nubians are the most popular breed in the United States and continue to outnumber all the currently recognized breeds.

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