Updated 05.13.22



We were looking for a variety in or Ranch located in the South East Kansas - we wanted to offer a different class of fiber and sheep. We so loved the heritage breeds, that we selected the breeds that each bring something special, not only their phenomenally beautiful fleece with locks or crimp, but with strong mothering instincts that gives them the ability to birth unassisted, multi birth lambing and the milk to support them and lambs that grow strong. Looking for these characteristics we selected for our farm the beautiful Finn Sheep, the awesome Shetland Sheep and the wonderful Wensleydale Sheep. We have currently selected the Finn as the foundation in the ram to encourage smaller babies at birth to contribute to the ease of lambing. 

All our sheep on our farm are purebred or a combination of these 3 wonderful breeds. We are going to concentrating on the thriftiness of the baby along with a fineness to the fiber that lasts as they age; so even when mature; they have fleece you love to work! 

Below is a sample of our beautiful Finn Sheep, the awesome Shetland Sheep and the wonderful Wensleydale; just a sampling of some that we are using for foundation. 

We will have select sheep available from time to time, just contact us for available sheep for sale.

We hope you enjoy visiting our Ranch; please click any link below or above and E-Mail any questions to info@bar6diamondranch.com or info@bar6diamondranch.com just type it into your email, call or text 620-779-9066 or fill in the CONTACT FORM!!! . Enjoy and Thank You.



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