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Visits to the Ranch


Here at Bar 6 Diamond Ranch we have found it necessary to close the ranch to visits. We have imported and brought in quality animals. We live with our animals on our ranch in a very rural  area which we moved to in the past year called - in South East Kansas, The four States area. We have wide open spaces and beautiful area to live. We work closely with our vet to ensure the health and well being of our animals. We are truly blessed to live and work in such a beautiful area of our wonderful country. We used to very much love to share it with those who had interest in our animals. The beauty and history of our area was a joy to share and to behold.

Sadly, as time went on, and our animals became in high demand; we started to discover the dangers that our family, human and animal alike, faced by maintaining our open ranch policy. On our farm, we started to have issues where people were wanting to just show up, whether we were here or not; this started to cause us concern so we started inquiring to the policy of others. We found that there had been an increase over the last few years with internet related crimes. We learned of people who used the internet to case homes and farms, for later theft, from having a whole herd of goats stolen, to a bitch that had pups taken....We learned of people who would knowingly and/or unknowingly bring disease onto other's property by handling a sick animal and then trying to or visiting another's property. We learned of homes which had possessions taken even while people were home due to the distractions caused by others in the party, and sadly, learned of those that came with the intent of doing harm to the animals or individuals, then or at a later date. 

We realized with having people coming in and out we were risking the health and safety of our family, our animal family and human family. In this time we live in, it is unfortunate, but there exists an increasing number of individuals who have bad intentions and by allowing visitation and having an open Ranch, we were risking not only the health, but the safety of our human family and our animal family as well. Crime in the home due to internet access is on the rise, and even though we do try to screen those interested in our ranch, we have to be wary of the all to real threat of people with other intentions. We have learned that not matter how well you think you know someone, you cannot be sure of their intent, as in the case of Bobbi Jo Stinnett or more recently Kansas Poodle breeder Lori J. Heimer, whose horrific murder still remains unsolved as of this update. 

We regret the inconvenience this may cause, as we know many people wish to handle all the pups, or play with the goats, romp with the puppies; however all our animals  are raised under the best care, with 24 hour 7 day a week care and vet access; with all of them handled and loved as they need for what they are being raised. For example, with the ones raised LGD  working dogs as in the Great Pyrs we stimulate them to human attention, but don't overly bond them to people, or the Border Collie and Dalmatian, we handle enough to make them have wonderful personalities and stimulate them as their young minds need to meet what they need to do as an adult. In any animal we raise, our focus is for type and temperament first, then size and coloring, and so on, so your critter will bring you as much joy as they have brought previous adopter's of the animals we raise.

We thank you for considering new addition to your farm from Bar 6 Diamond Ranch.

We hope you enjoy visiting our Ranch; please click any link below or above and E-Mail any questions to info@bar6diamondranch.com or info@bar6diamondranch.com just type it into your email or fill in the CONTACT FORM !!!!

Thank you, Kelsey & Candace of Bar 6 Diamond Ranch 






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